Selasa, 28 Disember 2010


Dear mom, i may not like u at all times.. but i love you always..
I make a plans then ask my parents.. tp kadang2 xjugak.. so, i'm so sorry about that..

My mother is always energetic. She performs her chores with a feeling of elation and happiness. Why? Because of her love for her children and family. She does not feel the exhaustion that naturally comes with such work, because it gladdens her heart to know that her child’s future will be a happy and successful one.
 love both of you :)


A father’s sacrifice is just as big. It is the father who is the bread winner in the family; he provides money for food, clothing, shelter, education, health and other necessities for the family. My father also harbors hopes for his children similar to that of my mother, which means that his children succeed in becoming useful individuals.

Love your parents, so that your life will be happy and blissful and you will be protected from the wrath of Allah (God).

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